Quit saying “but I am not a math person.”

Thank you, Rhett Allain

Quit saying “but I am just not a math person.”

I really believe that society just allows people to be bad at math.  It is socially acceptable for adults to say “but I never got through Algebra.”  That is a confession of math illiteracy.  But adults never say “wow, reading, that is so hard!  I don’t read.”  Math illiteracy is socially ok but language illiteracy is not socially ok.  Really, there should not be a difference.  Let’s do what we can to change it.

1 thought on “Quit saying “but I am not a math person.”

  1. I agree that math illiteracy is a deplorable condition. It annoys me when I tell my parents what I did in math and their reply is a blank stare. However; the truth is that most adults (at least the ones I know) don’t use higher math in their everyday lives. For example, you mentioned reading. Everyone reads every day. It would be a challenge to not do so. If you never finished algebra then you dropped out of high school. In my opinion that is worse than not taking algebra.

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