Today in Principles of Engineering (11/2/15)

Please continue with your exploration titled Define Relationships in Series Circuits.  You will be expected to talk to others.  This work isn’t easy, but I know with perseverance you can figure out what I am looking for.  Remember to be on your best behavior for our guest teacher.  I tell everyone I have awesome classes, so remember that I have high expectations for your behavior.

Please know that the last page of circuit evaluations need to be done by hand first.  You will check your work with a circuit simulator and then build the circuit.  But you will be tested on these concepts by evaluating the circuit by hand.  Here is how I would start attacking any circuit evaluation.

  • Find the total voltage and resistance.
  • Use Ohm’s law to find the total current.
  • What do you know about the current in a series circuit?  I bet you now know the current through each resistor.
  • So you know the current through each resistor and you know the resistor value.  I bet you can use Ohm’s law to find the voltage drop across each resistor.
  • As always, remember your units and metric prefixes..

I hope this helps.

I will need 1-2 volunteers to take the Chromebooks back to the library.  Could this happen in the last 5 minutes of class?  Thank you!

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