Tablet PC List

Here are the items you need to have a successful wirelessly connected tablet PC.

A computer with a digitizer.  Some examples include:

A way to wirelessly stream your video signal.

Programs I love

  • FluidMath is awesome for quickly showing graph manipulations.
  • Desmos is such a great graphing program.
  • Geogebra is a great Algebra/Geometry drawing utility.
  • PenAttention is a useful piece of software which highlights the location of your stylus for pointing out information on a screen.

Is there something I am missing?  Do you have any questions or comments?  Leave a comment below.

Did you download a bad extension and browser settings changed?

Sometimes, in the course of installing or updating software, you accidentally download a bad extension which will change your browser settings.  For instance, you might see the Ask search page rather than Google.  This can be a bit annoying sometimes.  Here is how you can get rid of those bad extensions in Chrome.

How to remove bad extensions from your Chrome web browser.

Download YouTube videos to your computer

Sometimes we use YouTube videos in our classroom.  And sometimes the streaming of those videos is inconsistent.  So what if we already had the video on our computer?  That way you never have to worry about it going away and you don’t have to depend upon the internet.

Here is a utility that will let you download YouTube videos to your computer.  Yes, there are websites like KeepVid and SaveVid that also let you do this, but there is also a good chance you will click one of the many “download this” buttons and get spyware on your computer.  This utility will bypass it.  It is easy to set up.

Get it here

You will download the zip file.  And then for setup you will extract it to a folder.  Then you just run the exe and off you go.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy.

Industry Professionals in the Classroom

This service seems crazy. It is a way to get industry professionals into the classroom.  Not physically into the classroom, but using communication like Skype.  I know this is hard to believe, but we are not experts at everything and sometimes there are people with more experience than us in certain fields.  Now we can get those people talking to our students.  And best of all it seems free.
Disclaimer:  I haven’t tried this yet.  But it seemed too good to just wait and share when I knew if it was good or bad.