TGIF – Feedback in Google Docs

Hello teachers of Healdsburg High School,

Yep, you are receiving Davis spam for a second week in a row.  I want to talk about some ways to give feedback inside of Google.

1)  Of course, let’s start with comments.  I want to highlight the many ways there are to access comments. And I want to show how you can assign tasks within comments, which can be especially useful if your comments conversation is with more than one person.  You can also create a list of commonly used comments in Google Keep and just copy and paste from that list into your comments.  And remember, all of this also applies to students leaving comments for other students.

a. You can create a comment from the Comments box in the upper-right hand corner of your browser window.
Inline image 1
b. You can also see that the “add Comment” bubble pops up any time you select text.
Inline image 3
c. And who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts?  The shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M will create a comment.
Inline image 4
 d.  You can create common comments in Google Keep and then copy and paste a comment text into a comment box (too many comments!).
First, open Google Keep within your document (Tools -> Keep Notebook)
Inline image 2
Now I can copy and paste from my list of Common Comments into my comment that I am adding to the document.
Inline image 1

2)  What about using the power of your voice (with inflections, pace, and everything else that comes with hearing the words being spoken) to give comments?  Of course there is a tool for that (  I have not used this yet, but I want to use this to give comments during my check-on-progress for my next lab report in Physics.

Here is a blog post (not from me) about Kaizena and two other tools for voice comments.

3)  Let’s say you are looking at the collaborative work from others and want to assign a comment to a specific person.  For instance, I am looking at a WASC document and I want to tag Ben Gunter in a comment.  Just type the + and then a list of contacts appears.  Choose the contact! And notice that you have a checkbox titled “Assign to <name>”.  Checking that box will assign that task to their Tasks list in Google.  Otherwise the person will just receive a notification that they have been tagged in a comment.
Inline image 4

Enjoy and happy Friday!

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