TGIF – A image editing tool in Google Docs and Slides!

Tech Goodies In Focus – A image editing tool in Google Docs and Slides!
Photos are one way for students to bring the physical world into the digital world.  So let’s say one of our learning photographers wants to explain a circuit like this (no, it is not a bomb!).  If you must know, this circuit is an SR flip flop implemented with NAND gates.
What is your first reaction?  Of course, too much table and not enough circuit!  Now, there are many photo editing tools available to students through their Chromebooks.  Here is a great list of some powerful ones.  And sometimes the best tool is the one that you already have in front of you.  Google Slides allows the ability to easily edit photos and images.  Below I will show you how.
1)  First the photo needs to be in Docs or Slides.  You have choices about the source of the image.  And you can always drag and drop an image from your computer into Docs or Slides.
2)  So our image is now on a slide or in our document.  There are two ways to get to the image editing tools.
The first way is to select the image (by clicking it) and clicking the Image options… button.
The second way to get to the image editing tools are to right-mouse click the image and choose Image options… .  Notice there is also an option to Crop image (right above Image options…).  This image is sure in need of some cropping.
3)  Notice your options for images.  While pretty simplistic, sometimes that is all you need.
You can recolor the image to a specific color palette.
You can adjust the transparency of the image.
The image below has a transparency of 20%.
And the image below has a transparency of 80%.
You can adjust the brightness.
Here is an image where the brightness is set to -50%.
And here is the same image where the brightness is set to +50%.
And of course you can set the contrast.
Here is an image where the contrast is set to -50%.
And here is an image where the contrast is set to +50%.
My wife is a photographer.  And her goal is to always get the picture right in camera.  But that isn’t always possible.  She appreciates the sliders (in a different tool, yes, but sliders to adjust the picture never-the-less) to help get the pictures correct.  And we, including our students, have the same power of the sliders at our disposal.
*** And of course there is an issue… I am able to edit the image in Slides or Docs and then copy and paste that edited image in Docs or Slides.  Yet, when I copy and paste that same image into Gmail, the image is not edited!  Argh… I wish everything worked all of the time.  Maybe I am missing something.  I hope your experience of copying and pasting an edited image is more successful than mine.

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