Tech Goodies In Focus – How to undo a sent email!

Tech Goodies In Focus – How to undo a sent email!

First, happy “day after Thanksgiving.”  I know I stated I wouldn’t send out a TGIF this week.  I guess I lied.  Hopefully you are OK with that bit of misinformation.

Let me spell out a scenario to you.  Can you relate to this?

You want to send out an email to three people:  Person A, Person B, and Person C.  And while it is the same message to all three people, you want to send out an email that is personalized.  You know, you want a header like “Dear Person ???,”.  You copy and paste the message, enter the email address of, and click send.  And right then you realize you didn’t change the header from “Dear Person A,” to “Dear Person B,”.  But you clicked send.  The email is gone.  You cannot click “Control+Z” (Control+Z is a keyboard shortcut to undo your last action) to undo this.  Darn it!

Has that ever happened to you?  We have a lot of ways to undo an action in Windows, but it isn’t easy to undo a sent email.  Of course… we have a solution!

1)  Go to your Gmail Settings. (Wheel -> Settings)

2)  Under the General Tab you have the setting Undo Send:.  Notice you can check Enable Undo Send (partially circled in blue below).  And you have the option of choosing how long you can undo your email (highlighted in yellow).  I set my cancellation period to 30 seconds.


How does this work?  Let’s say you send off an email that you want to undo.  A link will come up (boxed in red below)… click undo.  Easy!


Again, this link will show for however long you set your Send cancellation period.


Happy emailing!


Note… I did not send this at 8am on Friday, 11/24/2017, but I did set up Boomerang (TGIF 11/3/2017) to send it at that time.

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