About me

I am a teacher of math, physics, and engineering at Healdsburg High School in beautiful Northern California.  I have been teaching for 10 years.  I have also had jobs as a software engineer and a test engineer.  But my passion is education.

I have really been trying to take elements of play and bring it into my classroom.  Watch children play… they will try something, they might fail, but they fail safely.  And then they try something else.  And they will keep trying until they are successful.  Isn’t that also what we want to see in our classrooms?

I like to believe that this addition of play in my classroom is visible and making a difference for students.

Contact Information

Send an mail to Mr. Davis at bdavis@husd.com.

Call me at (707) 431-3420 and leave a message at the high school front office or call (707) 385-1156 and leave a message.

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