Geogebra Project Resources

Below are some resources for our Geogebra Project: Multiple Representations of Trigonometric Functions.  Remember, this is due on 5/29.  Please send me an email at  Without that email I will not look at your work.

A sample of what I am looking for.


Some beginnings…

A reminder… all of these resources have already been posted.  This is just a collection of them in one place.


5/21/15 Algebra 2/Trigonometry


1. We have a Law of Sines/Law of Cosines quiz.

  • Remember that you can have a reference
  • Your reference cannot include any example problems.  It can only have relationships or tables.  Thank you.
  • Remember to make sure your calculator is set to angle units in degrees.
  • Good luck.  This is it  for the day.  Next week we will get our final preview.  Remember that last week is the last opportunity to retake any skill.  I have a limit of one skill a day.  Let me know before-hand.
  • We will be returning text books on Thursday/Friday, 5/28-29.  Be ready.

Alg2Trig Period 2 5/6/15

Agenda (5/5-6)

  1. The solutions for Law of Sines 1 have been posted. Check my website
  2. You will have the last in-class opportunity to retake an individual skill the next time we meet: (5/7-8). Be ready.  There are 4 skills you can retake.  Your past quizzes are in the Returns Bin.
  3. -> Algebra 2/Trig ->Alg2TrigNotes -> 150504 Law of Sines 1 Solutions.pBegin the Geogebra Project: Multiple Representations of Trigonometric Ratios
  • The template for this project lives under -> Posts -> Algebra2Trig 5/5-6/15 Multiple Representations of Trigonometric Functions
  • You will need a working Trigonometric Calculator for this project.  Look at past posts about the project to know my expectations.

Algebra2Trig 5/5-6/15 Multiple Representations of Trigonometric Functions

Geogebra Project: Multiple Representations of Trigonometric Functions Template


Please download a copy of the template above to your computer.  Upload that template to your shared folder in your Google Drive.

  • You will change the name to LastNameTrigFunctionsRepresentations and save it in our shared folder.  For instance, my file name would be DavisTrigFunctionsRepresentations.  Notice where the upper case and lower case letters are!
  • When you finish this please send me an email at to tell me you are finished.

Please answer all of the questions in the template. Thanks!

Algebra 2/Trig 5/1/15

Agenda (5/1)

Do I have a volunteer to get the Green Laptop Cart?

  1. Retest!

You are responsible for these skills (and the corresponding practice)

  • Prove Trig Identities (Trig Identities Review)
  • Constraint Problems (last couple pages of Trig Identities Review)
  • Inverse Trig Functions (Inverse Trig Functions Review and beginning of More Practice)
  • Solve Trig Equations (More Practice)

Show me your practice!

These tests will be passed out one at a time.

  1. Choices…
  • Do you have 16s on all skills? If not, then work on weaknesses (one of the skills above).
  • Are you good on all of your skills? Then you can work on your Geogebra Project