It has been too long since my last blog post.  I didn’t even do any writing reflections during the 2016-2017 school year!  But this school year will be different.  There are some changes this upcoming year.  I am a math teacher by training and experience.  But during the 2017-2018 school year I will not be teaching any math.  I will be teaching 3 periods, where one period is both of my engineering classes and my other two periods will be teaching physics.  No math!

I have been thinking a lot on how I will be teaching physics this year.  I know I will be using the modeling physics material from AMTA.  And I know I will be evaluating the students using a standards-based grading (SBG) system.  I have been using a SBG system in most of my math classes for the last 7-8 years so I have experience with the system.  But I had been having a tough time wrapping my head around how I would use SBG for physics.  Well, it seems that others have this problem also and I found a 3 day workshop in Manhattan, New York that was addressing SBG in STEM classes.  And one of the workshop leaders is a major contributor to AMTA for physics and uses SBG in his classroom.  That seems like a great place to learn, right?  So I went to the workshop last week, learned a lot, and got back home a couple of days ago.

Over the next week or two I want to post reflections from the workshop as I begin to build this system for my class.  This is really exciting for me.  I love implementing student-centered systems and learning with the students.  I am excited about the upcoming school year.

Today in Principles of Engineering (11/2/15)

Please continue with your exploration titled Define Relationships in Series Circuits.  You will be expected to talk to others.  This work isn’t easy, but I know with perseverance you can figure out what I am looking for.  Remember to be on your best behavior for our guest teacher.  I tell everyone I have awesome classes, so remember that I have high expectations for your behavior.

Please know that the last page of circuit evaluations need to be done by hand first.  You will check your work with a circuit simulator and then build the circuit.  But you will be tested on these concepts by evaluating the circuit by hand.  Here is how I would start attacking any circuit evaluation.

  • Find the total voltage and resistance.
  • Use Ohm’s law to find the total current.
  • What do you know about the current in a series circuit?  I bet you now know the current through each resistor.
  • So you know the current through each resistor and you know the resistor value.  I bet you can use Ohm’s law to find the voltage drop across each resistor.
  • As always, remember your units and metric prefixes..

I hope this helps.

I will need 1-2 volunteers to take the Chromebooks back to the library.  Could this happen in the last 5 minutes of class?  Thank you!

Today in Algebra 1a (11/2/15)

Please log into Google Classroom.  You will receive a worksheet (Evaluate My Geometric Expression) from our guest teacher.  You will work on that (without a calculator) in small groups and enter your answers into the linked form.  You will get back an email telling you which problems are right or wrong.  Please work on correcting the problems that are wrong.  If you do not finish in class then this work is your homework.  If you finish early you can work on IXL work.

Please know that I have high expectations for your behavior.  I know everyone has something to do.  I know some of you should be thinking of retesting on past skills.  Please stay focused on the task at hand.  Show our guest that you are as awesome as I say you are.  Thank you.

Today in Engineering 2 (10/16/15)

Students of Engineering 2,

As always, please treat our guest teacher with the utmost respect.  Basically, just be you.  I do believe the best students at HHS are in room 43.  Today is a day you get to show everyone how true that statement is.

I know all of you have projects to work on.  I will need my TA to get the brown Chromebook cart.  It will need to be returned to the library before the end of class.  Juniors who missed the class last meeting will need to have a quiz preview.  Solutions are posted online.  We will have a quiz on Monday.

A new project has been posted in Google Classroom.  Please read through it before you begin.  I have a clarification on inputs in our input/output table.


By the way, let’s have a recap of our 3 projects so far.

Project name: Turned in/Not turned in

  • Logic Circuit Beginnings: 7/5
  • Project Logic Gates: 2/10
  • Project Minterms: 0/12

Let me know how I can help.

If the kids have been respectful and hard working then they can enjoy this TED talk.  Please note that the total run time of the video is about 16 minutes and that class ends at 9:40.



Physics 10/6/14

Agenda (10/6/14)

Your work today is the worksheet titled “Development of the Accelerated Motion Model”.  Our guest has the key so feel free to ask as you go through the work to make sure you are getting the correct information down on your paper.  I promise we will talk more about this on Wednesday.

p.s.  I am sorry but I did not create videos.  This morning has been very crazy.  When I got to school I found out that I would be teaching all of my classes, so I was working with people to get other teachers covered.  Then I found out I had a sub.  So some things didn’t get created.

Please have a student get a laptop cart, although that cart will not be used for this class.