Quit saying “but I am not a math person.”

Thank you, Rhett Allain

Quit saying “but I am just not a math person.”

I really believe that society just allows people to be bad at math.  It is socially acceptable for adults to say “but I never got through Algebra.”  That is a confession of math illiteracy.  But adults never say “wow, reading, that is so hard!  I don’t read.”  Math illiteracy is socially ok but language illiteracy is not socially ok.  Really, there should not be a difference.  Let’s do what we can to change it.

Go become a scientist. Anyone can with hard work.

Study hard.  Break from ordinary.

From theqmeffect:

“You ask me if an ordinary person by studying hard would get to be able to imagine these things like i imagine. Of Course!..I was an ordinary person who studied hard. There is no miracle people. It just happened they got interested in these things and they learned all these stuff. They’re just people!!There is no talent special miracle ability to understand quantum mechanics or a miracle ability to imagine electromagnetic fields that comes without practice and reading and learning and mathematics. So if you say you take an ordinary person whose willing to devote a great deal of time on studying and thinking and mathematics and so on. Then he’s become a scientist!”

Richard Feynman