5/21/15 Principles of Engineering

You can finish up your programming project.  If you have finished, please take a video of it in action, showcasing the various functions of your project.  And could you share that video with me?

  • You can take apart your project.
  • Egg drop rules can be found here.  I haven’t formatted it exactly for this class, but the basics are in there.  No, there will not be a written report part.
  • I know some of you talked to me about getting a computer.  You can get a computer from the pink cart.  You are responsible for it getting back to the library.  Thank you.

POE: 2/23/15

If you have solved your trusses you might be at a place to destroy your trusses.  Make sure you record the mass of the truss before you break it.  I will be recording all of the forces and masses.  We will see how it plots out.

Please note that I expect a unique writeup from each person, not one per group.  I will be checking the revision history to make sure you typed up yours instead of just following one worker in the group.  Be involved.

Here are the activities you can be working on today.

  • Solve your trusses.
  • Create the spreadsheet for truss 2.  A template for the spreadsheet is here: https://www.mrdavisonline.com/poe/poe-resources/
  • Begin your lab write up.
  • Destroy your trusses.


A reminder… I routinely tell people that I get to teach the best kids in the school.  Today you get to show that.  I have high expectations.  Please  meet them.  Thank you.

POE 10/6/14

Agenda (10/6/14)

Students have been assigned various roles today.  You will have to go up on the ladder and connect a wire to our antenna.  Let the students know that our diodes came in… they are in the upper left hand bin.  Know that diodes are polar, which means they have a positive end and negative end.  Current only flows in one direction.  You might want to test your diode or use the diode tester on your multimeter to check the polarity of your diode.

A student will need to take the laptop cart back to the library.  Let them leave a couple of minutes early to do that.  Thanks!

Crystal Radio References

 How a Crystal Radio Works Video





Crazy parts you can make for your radio



Check out for simple Crystal Radio with Amp



Coil Calculator



Local AM stations


The information from the link above is embedded below.