January 2016 – Monterey

STEM Technology Tools in a Classroom

Presentation Outline (all links below will open a new tab)

I will be introducing a concept evaluating whether trusses are statically determinate so they can be evaluated.  This concept is just going to be used to highlight various tools.  You do not need to know anything about this subject to get everything I am talking about today.  Just be ready to participate at times and learn a lot.  Enjoy!


I have a write up on the materials used for wireless projecting from a computer on my website.


Padlet Truss Demo (this will open a new link)

EchoGrade Demo

  • Login (please use the username and password that I give you on the 3 by 5 card)

Other Useful Sites and Tools

Analog Circuit Simulator – Shows the scaled movement of electrons with an oscilloscope view

123D Circuits – Great for digital circuit simulations and microprocessor simulations

Truss Calculator – Easy to use and it lets students check their work

PhET – So many simulations with teacher resources

Desmos – The best graphing calculator and now they have free teacher activities!

Geogebra – Incredible Geometry or Algebra drawings

Plickers – Great Exit Ticket app to get quick feedback from students without students needing devices